Wondering Why Wednesday!!!!

What a title right?
Do you ever have those days where you wonder why? You stop and scratch your head and say What? Why? Where? Wonder? Well you guessed it , today I had a “Wonder Why” day!

First of all we (myself, my sister, and Mom) set off to the mall for lunch and a “special” (shhhh don’t tell my dad…hahaha) trip to the Apple Store. For what you ask? My sister got a new IPad 3/hd and age needed a case for it. Plus our “mother” who was given a protective case for her’s but she managed to break the case so she now needed another one As I tried to stir her towards the store that has some case that I like, she tells me that the Ipad2 cases won’t fit. So as we enter into the Apple Store and go into the wart of it, we are told they don’t sell protective cases for the iPads! The gentlemen who helped us thu informed us of a really cool website that has them….


But still this is why I used my title! I “wonder why” before we get into the heart the store, they don’t tell you or have something posted about not selling cover for their Ipad’s. And I “wonder why” they don’t sell covers! It just seems kinda crazy to me that they want you to buy this very costly item but NOT PROTECT it?????

Now if someone could give an explanation other than the “well if you break it, they profit by selling you a new one”, then please explain..

What are you wondering why on this Wednesday?

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