Clearly Modern Glass Innovations Create Great Home Improvements

By John Voket

When you talk renovations most people envision new cabinets, floors or even an addition. However, I am learning just how much you can do spruce up the look of your home with glass from Ridgefield Glass is an industry leader in Connecticut offering an array of services to improve home aesthetics.

According to co-owner John Petchonka, “Glass can offer a modern twist on a previously tired look in various areas of your home.”

He says new uses for glass can be found in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, exercise room and even as a partition in any spacious room.  Ultimately, creative glass upgrades make your house more livable and luxurious.

Some renovation options room by room, include:

  • Bathrooms – Curved, frameless glass shower doors and panels remove visual clutter to create an inspiring showering environment, while easing maintenance and cleaning, especially when the glass is coated with a Teflon surface protector; painted shower glass walls with any pattern or color complement existing bathroom décor; glass countertops and beveled mirrors create a crisp, clean surface area for all bathroom toiletries and necessities with maximum reflective capacity.
  • Kitchen – Glass counters and backsplashes are an innovative and functional upgrade that cleans easily in the messiest of rooms.
  • Bedroom – Opalescent frosted glass closet doors and glass drawers offer an artistic home for the wardrobes of some of the most discerning fashionistas and pairing them with antique mirrors, creates a perfect mix of old and new.
  • Exercise Rooms – The more glass, the more inspiration in today’s home gyms…from flat wall-to-wall mirrors to entire glass walls and floors, seeing oneself in every angle helps keep exercise motivation at its peak!
  • Wine Rooms – Using a glass door for your wine room adds elegance and an attractive presentation to your finest spirit collection.
  • Open Area Rooms – Textured glass room partitions help separate an open floor area with fashion and flair- the texture of the glass makes it less translucent than regular glass, but the divider still allows enough light and sound.

Reprinted with permission from RISMedia. ©2013. All rights reserved.

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