Seasonal Maintenance Tips and Tricks for Consumers this Fall

Earth-Kind is offering simple fall home maintenance tips as part of its First Saturday initiative. The quarterly campaign provides expert tips and reminders about what can be done to prevent or repair damage and keep everything running in tip-top shape for the coming season.
Whether you live in the heart of the city or the heartland, there are simple, yet effective ways to prepare for the seasonal changeover. Earth-Kind founder and farmer-in-charge Kari Warberg Block offers the following tips to ensure that everything from pets to smoke detectors are prepared.

• Urbanites: As the season changes, so should your wardrobe. Bring out your sweatshirts, boots and long sleeves, and pack away your bathing suits until next year.

• Small Town Life: As you bundle up for the fall, be sure to test your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Be sure to stock your medicine cabinets with first aid kits and dispose of expired medicines.

• Rural Review: If you live on a large piece of property, do lawn maintenance to prepare your property for the cold. Trim grass and shrubbery and dispose of leaf piles. After cleaning farm equipment, use a rodent repellent such as Fresh Cab to protect from damage during the off season.

As the weather cools, rodents will begin to look for a warm place to stay this season. In fact, 50 percent of the world’s population struggles with rodents. Protecting your home, car, RV, boat and even farming equipment from mice and other rodents requires just a few easy steps:

• Check area for gaps, and fill small openings with steel wool and caulk.
• Make sure grass is cut short and shrubbery within 100 feet of the home is well trimmed.
• Buy rodent-proof containers such as garbage cans and recycling bins.
• Prevent problems before they start with an all natural repellent option like Fresh Cab, an EPA-certified, long-lasting botanical rodent repellent which is 100 percent guaranteed, safe for humans, pets and the earth.

Source: Earth-Kind, Inc.

Reprinted with permission from RISMedia. ©2013. All rights reserved.

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