7 Simple Questions to Develop Your Mobile Strategy

By Seth Kaplan

When you talk mobile, it’s very easy to get lost in features and cool technology. Although those become key components in a mobile solution, the strategy is the road map to the final destination. Because of this, we decided to get a handful of mobile experts in a room to discuss the proper steps for developing a comprehensive mobile strategy, from start to finish. In the end, 10 steps were identified. However, the first step is by far the most important as it lays down the foundation and defines the finish line.

Step one is all on you. Now, before you hit the ground running, read the 7 questions that we’ve detailed below to help you complete Step 1; from there, you can continue moving down the list onto Steps 2 – 10. This simple exercise will help you build a solid outline to form the foundation of your mobile strategy.

Step 1: Develop goals, marketing parameters and success metrics

How To: The 7 Questions

1) Who are you trying to reach?
a. Demographic
b. Location
c. Other relevant metrics
2) What is the ideal result when a target interacts with your marketing?
3) What is your total market opportunity?
4) How do you reach your market today?
5) Where do you feel you are missing your market?
6) If you could whisper in each customer’s ear, what would you say?
7) What is your perception of mobile, and its use in marketing?

Step 2: Perform exploratory of marketing, tech and digital capabilities (i.e. can I do this in house or not?). If you do not have the capabilities to handle any or all of those three segments, follow steps 3-10.

Step 3: Find a vendor who will immerse themselves into your culture, vertical and workflow
Step 4: Have your vendor develop mobile concepts that fit the combined capabilities of your partnership
Step 5: Together, review, revise and select the best concept
Step 6: Create and document the final plan
Step 7: Publish your mobile strategy
Step 8: Begin development
Step 9: Performs testing / training and launches the mobile solution
Step 10: Ongoing review of reporting/analytics/analysis to continue to tweak and improve

Hopefully, this exercise has provided better understanding of how to develop a mobile strategy, the right way. If you’re pumped and ready to start developing your mobile strategy, great! If you’re still unsure, we understand and recommend contacting an expert. Either way, get started on developing your mobile strategy today.

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Reprinted with permission from RISMedia. ©2014. All rights reserved.

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