7 Household Items Worth the Splurge

By barbara Pronin

Clipping grocery coupons and watching for sales are great ways to curb household spending – and it’s hard to resist a rock-bottom price on something when you need it. But, maintain some consumer watchdogs, when it comes to at least seven must-have household items, spending a little more makes sense.

“Buying quality products, many with lifetime warranties, means you will probably never have to replace them,” noted experts in the Wall St. Cheat Sheet.

Quality products worth a splurge include:

Vacuum cleaners – Cheaper models will not only give out sooner, they can emit allergists and microbes into the air that can impact the family’s health. Check Consumer Reports or other ratings to find which brands are deemed best.

Cookware – High quality cookware will last longer (often a lifetime, if warrantied) and can cook foods more efficiently. If you can’t afford a whole set all at once, buy one piece at a time until your set is complete.

Coffeemaker – If you love good coffee, invest in a high-priced coffeemaker. It will have a better water filtration system and higher boiling point, making the coffee taste better and be better for you.

Bathroom appliances – Choose high quality faucets, taps and shower heads, which will look beautiful and provide better water pressure.

Tools – If you are somewhat handy and enjoy doing projects at home, good quality hammers, wrenches, and the like will last far longer than cheaper models or used tools you pick up at garage sales.

Mattresses – You spend a third of your life in bed. Do the research first and look for love-it-or-exchange-it store warranties before settling on the one right for you.

Paint – High-quality wall paint will last longer and look more professional even when you’re a painting novice. Cheap paints are often diluted with more solvents, which means it takes more paint to cover the surface. (Spend a little more on rollers, too. Quality makes the job easier.)

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