4 Questions Every Home Seller Asks

Are you thinking about selling your home this spring?  If so, you’re likely to have many questions—especially if you’ve never sold a house before.  It’s helpful to understand the basics.

Brett Furman, a broker/owner in St. Davids, Pennsylvania suggests asking these four questions every home seller asks:

What makes a house sell?  The five biggest factors are price, terms, condition, location and market exposure.

When is the best time to sell? As soon as you decide it is.  In order to receive top dollar for your house, it is important to give yourself as much time as possible to get the house ready.  More time means more potential buyers have a chance to see your home, ultimately resulting in more offers and more options for you.

Is there any seasonality to the market?  Early spring and early fall are the prime seasons. People like to move in by the holidays or the start of a new school year. “The time of year you sell shouldn’t dominate when you sell.  It’s best to do it when you’re ready and, if possible, give yourself as much time as you can,” says Furman.

What about price trends, interest rate and the economy in general? When interest rates are low, there will likely be more potential buyers. When inventory is tight, it benefits the seller.

“The ultimate decision of when to sell your house is guided by your family’s needs.  These factors usually won’t have a bearing on when you list your home for sale,”  says Furman.

Source: http://www.homesellerhandbook.com

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