Got 5 Minutes? Spruce up Your Home with 10 Quick Fixes

By Barbara Pronin

Everyone likes a home that looks neat, clean and orderly—even when there’s just no time for a thorough going over. But, suggest DIY lifestyle advisors, spending as little as five minutes a day can go a long way toward keeping things on track in between scheduled cleanings.

What can you do in just five minutes?

  • Sweep the front steps and shake out the welcome mat—If there’s minute left over, run a dust cloth over the front door. Guaranteed to make guests feel more welcome.
  • Take a duster to the ceiling fans—A couple of quick swishes are all it will take to banish all that built-up dust.
  • Spritz the bathroom mirrors—You may be surprised to find you can have them  shining in five minutes or less. If there’s time left over, spritz your bedroom mirror.
  • Challenge the kids to a five-minute pickup—A small prize to the one who picks up and stows away the most stuff in five minutes.
  • Check the fridge—Do a quick scan of produce and ‘best by” date labels, and pitch what’s been around for too long.
  • Spray the kitchen counters and cooktop—Do it during a TV commercial break, then wipe it all clean during the next one.
  • Run a baby wipe over the baseboards—The vacuum cleaner just doesn’t reach there!
  • Wipe down the flatscreen TVs—If you don’t have the proper type of cloth, use the dust-free wipe you use to clean your eyeglasses.
  • Run a mop or broom into the dark corners of the hallway—If there’s a minute left over, do it again in the bedrooms.
  • Check your stock of light bulbs and batteries—If it’s low, make a note for your next shopping list.

Reprinted with permission from RISMedia. ©2014. All rights reserved.

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