8 Patio Upgrades That Will Add Sparkle to Your Summer

By Zoe Eisenberg

Looking to upgrade your patio this summer? Consider the following DIY upgrades and come June, you’ll be sipping mimosas on your newly pimped out patio.

Pizza oven. Make a summer tradition with Friday night pizzas, courtesy of your new outdoor pizza oven. You can purchase one ready to go, or for you weekend warriors, go the DIY route.

Fresh lighting. Nothing kills a night vibe like a poorly lit space. To brighten your patio, repurpose an old chandelier, add sconce lights along the walls and get creative with whimsical string lights wrapped around the banister or lattice.

Seating options. Create a cozy inside feel outside with ample seating options. Create a coffee nook for Sunday mornings, a space for reading that summer thriller, and an eating area for dinner parties. A story book stone table can give a fun rustic feel, while a bistro table can be chic. For lounging, consider a hammock chair or even better – a hanging sofa.

Container gardens. To add some life—literally—to your patio, consider sprinkling container gardens throughout your patio area. Not only can these be edible, but they add a color pop and offer a fun, botanical feel. Plus, who doesn’t want to munch cherry tomatoes straight from the vine while they settle into some outdoor patio fun?

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Add an easy dance floor. If your group of friends is known to get down on the dance floor, add an easy dance floor by clearing a corner of your deck. While you can find easy portable dance floor options, your natural deck flooring will work just as well, so long as it’s well lit and not too far from the bar. Which brings us to…

Build a Bar. A patio bar can add a lux feel to your outdoor space, and is crucial if you’re frequently entertaining a boozy crowd. Think you don’t have a space for a full bar set? Check out this foldable DIY option. It’s like the Murphy bed of bars.

Add an outdoor movie screen. Want to watch flicks al fresco? Impress your friends (or entertain your kiddies) by stringing a line between deck posts or trees. When it’s movie time, simply throw a white sheet on the line, flip on the projector and bring out the popcorn.

Make more room with gravel extensions. Is your space too small for all of your big patio ideas? You can create an easy extension by clearing an area of yard space at the end of the patio and adding a square, rectangle or circle of gravel. Arrange your picnic table, grill, or outdoor seating area on the gravel and presto – a larger patio.

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