Free Things You Ought to Stop Paying for

By Barbara Pronin

These days, it seems like everyone is trying to find ways to save money. But old habits die hard, points outs consumer researcher Emily Co. It may take some re-thinking to cut out costs for stuff you really don’t need to pay for.

How many of these monthly pay-outs can you consider eliminating?

Shipping costs – When ordering goods online, hunt around the web for free shipping opportunities Try or Retailmenot,com for free shipping codes and/or offers. You can even subscribe to get free shipping alerts from the sites you like best.

Books and DVDs – Borrow them from the library, swap with friends, or check sites like Bookmooch or Paperbackswap to trade with many others.

Cable – A record number of Americans are canceling their cable services, according to Business Insider. Paying for cable almost seems pointless when you look at all the free options out there, such as Hulu and network websites that offer free streaming of their hit shows online.

Bottled water – It’s expensive compared to tap water on ice in your own carry bottle. Try it with lemon slices added. You might like it better than bottled.

Baggage onboard – Skip paying for checked luggage. Learn to pack light and check with the airline to be sure your carry-on bag is regulation size.

Bank account and credit card fees – Look online to find bank accounts and credit cards with no annual fee. There are lots of options and you could start earning perks like air miles or money back for purchases.

Cleaning supplies – Skip expensive cleaners and use a solution of vinegar and water for cleaning glass, woodwork, kitchen counters and more. Check online for more easy cleaning ideas.

Exercise – If you can bear to give up the gym, try running or biking in the great outdoors – at least during the summer months. Or check for free apps that bring celebrity trainers to your smartphone.

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