Where the Jobs Are: 7 Industries Ramping Up to Hire

By Barbara Pronin

If you or someone you know will graduate with bachelor’s degree next spring, it’s time to spruce up your resume. A national recruiting trends survey administered by Michigan State University indicates the job market will be strong for 2016 graduates, with hiring expected to increase a minimum of 15 percent over last year.

With data from 4,700 surveyed employers, researchers concluded that companies in virtually all industries are expecting to expand their payrolls in the coming year as a result of strong business growth and anticipated baby boomer retirements.

At least seven industries will significantly increase their hiring:

  • Educational services – Education majors have had a tough go of it in recent years, as school districts slashed jobs and cut budgets. But things are turning around. Between school district hiring and opportunities in tutoring and online content development, hiring is expected to increase by 73 percent.  
  • Management services – The number of jobs in the professional, business, and scientific sectors for the future managers of the world should increase over 38 percent over last year.
  • Accounting – Number-crunching students can look forward to a hiring jump of 63 percent, with starting salaries at over $48,000 for newly minted accountants.
  • Insurance – Job growth in the financial industry is strong, but the bright spot is in the insurance industry, which plans to boost job offers to new grads by 49 percent.
  • Administrative services – This broad category, which includes jobs in office administration, employment services, and business support, should see hiring of recent grads increase by 40 percent.
  • Utilities – Jobs in the electric power, natural gas, water supply and sewage, and air conditioning industries are expected to increase by more than 30 percent, with salaries beginning at around $50,000 for new grads.
  • Internet services – It should be no surprise that hiring at Internet-related businesses is anticipated to grow by 34 percent next year. With little growth expected in the publishing, film or broadcasting industries, Internet-related businesses will be responsible for almost all the growth in the information services sector.

Reprinted with permission from RISMedia. ©2015. All rights reserved.

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