How to Best Organize Your Home for the Holidays


By Andrea Davis

Many homeowners find the holidays to be a difficult time of year. To ensure that your holidays are as enjoyable as possible, be sure to get your home ready to face this festive season. Here are a few tips to prepare your home for the holiday hustle:
Create a Master To-Do List
Set aside an evening before the start of the holiday season to create a master to-do list. Next, set deadlines for each task to ensure everything is finished before guests arrive.
De-Clutter and Clean
Remove as much clutter as you can before you pull out your holiday décor. After your clutter is safely stowed, create your holiday cleaning regimen. Bring your draperies to the cleaners and have a cleaning pro help with window washing. You can also have your carpets professionally cleaned to enhance your home’s ambiance. A thorough cleaning of your house is a wonderful way to begin the winter season. 
Easy Fix-It Projects
From fixing running toilets to tightening loose handrails, addressing small household projects can enhance your holiday season. Hiring a handyman is the easiest way to handle multiple small household repairs at once, and give you time to tackle other home organizing projects. 
Holiday Kitchen
An organized kitchen is key to successfully hosting holiday celebrations. Part of an organized kitchen means having all of your holiday cooking items at the ready. Check to ensure that items like pans, meat thermometers, baking trays and carving knives are easy to access. 
Line Up a Catering Service
Have your holiday parties and gatherings catered if you’re not a fan of cooking. From deli trays to full-blown holiday feasts, you can relax while someone else does the cooking for you. Additionally, having more free time will allow you to focus on special touches or the things you love to spend time on, like trimming your holiday tree.
Wrap Station
When the majority of your gifts are wrapped ahead of time, you can reduce some of that holiday stress that sneaks up when you have last-minute things to do. To make the process more efficient, you can create a wrap station that includes all of your rolls of wrapping paper, bows, ribbon, tape, scissors and gift tags. When these items are all in one place, you will have an easier time wrapping presents. 
Hire a Decorating Stylist
If you’re too busy to decorate this holiday season or simply want a fresh eye to approach your décor, consider hiring a holiday decorator to tackle your indoor décor and a contractor to manage outdoor décor concerns like light hanging and wreath-hanging. A professional designer and contractor may become booked up quickly, so be sure to reserve their time as soon as possible. 
When your home is organized and you have a detailed holiday plan, you are poised to enjoy a less-stressed holiday season. These tips may require some advance work, but they’re designed to make your holidays flow smoothly so that you and your family can enjoy them to the fullest.
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