How to Save More This Summer


We all know packing our lunches and skipping that pricey latte can save bundles over the long run. But when it comes to saving, you’re missing out if you don’t look to your home. Akin to finding a forgotten twenty-dollar bill in those old jeans once a week, your home can be hiding savings that add up–if you know where to look. The first pricey culprit, especially in the summer and winter, is your heating and cooling system.

The following tips, offered by T. Webber, can help keep you cool this summer, and save major change on your utility bills.  

Replace your air filters. Clogged air filters decrease performance and make AC systems work harder. Inspect and replace dirty air filters to optimize air flow and to keep an older unit in good running order throughout the summer.

Tune up your AC. An annual maintenance check includes cleaning filters, coils and unit, and checking for foreseeable future problems. This can help the AC run more efficiently keeping utility costs down.

Check your insulation. Look for cracks and leaks in your walls, attic, crawl spaces, basement, garage and ceiling. Make sure insulation is intact to keep in cool air throughout the home.

Close those blinds. Eliminate the sun’s direct path by keeping blinds closed. This can make a difference of as much as 10 degrees.

The doors, too. Try to minimize cool air loss through outside door openings, especially during the hottest time of the day.

Only produce heat in the coolest hours.  Run the dishwasher, washing machine and clothes dryer during early morning hours or late evening. This will keep the AC unit from having to work hard during the hottest hours of the day to cool the home.

Nix the oven. Give the oven and stove a break and grill at every opportunity. This keeps the kitchen heat outside and reduces the need to cool it.

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