5 Steps to Prep Your Home for Flooding


While no one ever wants to imagine their home filling with water, for many areas of the country, flooding is a scary reality for many homeowners. Whether a natural disaster is on the way or you simply want to be aware of how to protect your home when flash flood warnings sound, we have 5 steps to prepare your home for flooding.

Clear gutters. If a flooding is predicted in your area, help your home out by clearing all gutters, downspouts and drain so your home can battle rising water as best it can.

Elevate outdoor electric units. Outdoor generators, fuel tanks and air-conditioning units should not be left on ground level outdoors. Elevate them as best you can and securely anchor them so they don’t float away if flooding occurs.  

Power down. Shut off your electricity via your breaker panel to stay safe and possibly save your circuit.

Move items upstairs. When flooding could be likely, take charge by moving items upstairs and further from the flood zone. Furniture, rugs, electronics and important paperwork should all be moved to the highest ground possible.

Raise appliances. While you likely can’t lug your refrigerator upstairs, you can elevate your appliances on concrete blocks so if only a few inches of flooding occurs, you can minimize damage.  

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