5 Clean Air Home Improvements


If the air in your home feels stagnant and stale, it very well may be full of dust particles and in need of some proper ventilation. Below are a handful of tips from Blueair for cleaning the air inside your home so you can breathe easier all year long.

Start with easy seasonal maintenance, like changing the furnace/HVAC filter to make sure heating appliances are working efficiently. Clean out air ducts and chimneys to minimize dust, lint and debris.

Control mold and moisture. Start by fixing leaky sinks and faucets, then giving showers and toilets a good scrub to get rid of mildew build-up. After that, be sure to keep bathrooms properly ventilated to prevent future mildew.

If re-varnishing or reupholstering furniture, look for low- or no-VOC options, and if bringing new furniture and home goods into a space, allow it to off-gas before spending time in the room with it.

Purchase an indoor air purifier, like Blue by Blueair, to remove pet dander, dust mites, viruses and odors that are common in the home. Air purifiers can also remove paint VOCs and construction dust. Set them up in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or wherever it’s needed most at home.

Limit use of sneaky air quality offenders like plush pillows, rugs and curtains, seasonal candles, paint, and glue/caulk, which can bring invisible but harmful particles and irritants into the home.

Source: Blueair

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