3 Design Tips for Superior Holiday Parties

Hosting a gaggle of folks in your home can be overwhelming. From making your space sparkle to organizing food, drinks, and even entertainment, you may be exhausted hours before the event begins. However, there are ways to set your space up for party success. Below are several pointers.

Seating arrangements. Seating arrangements go way beyond that stuffy formal dinner set-up. In the days leading up to your soiree, look at your space and imagine your guests moving through it. Where are natural places for them to sit and chat? Circle a few chairs around the fireplace, surround that low lying coffee table with comfy pillows and blankets, or even add a few cafe tables if you have room.

 Light it right. Good lighting is always important. You don’t want to blind your guests with dim light or a bright fluorescent flash. Adding a dimmer switch to your overhead lighting can give you control. No time for that? Try some accent lights in corners where your guests might congregate.

Station set-up. Creating separate snack and drink stations in your dining room or kitchen can ease social congestion and maximize space. No one likes a clogged snack table!

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