Tips for Younger Looking Hands


As we move through the world, our hands take a beating—from exposure to unsavory weather, to hard work cleaning, typing, and more. Often, our hands are the first to show signs of aging. If you’re looking to give your hands a youthful makeover, consider the following from Linda Gillette Parodi, founder and CEO of PARODI Professional Care.

– To smooth and soften irritated, dry skin, look for specific hand care products that are formulated with natural elements such as spilanthes and hypericum for softening and smoothing the skin and even nacre, which adds a soft sheen.

– Avoid products that contain synthetic fragrance, silicones and parabens. What is not in your hand care products is just as important as what is in the products. When choosing a product, remember that synthetic ingredients can also be irritating to sensitive skin.

– Washing your hands frequently can help avoid illness, but it does take a toll on your skin. Avoid harsh, stripping hand soaps, and find moisturizing products that absorb quickly to let you get on with your day, while lasting through several washes.

Source: PARODI Professional Care

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