How to Make Furniture Shopping Hassle Free

Setting out to buy new furniture always starts out on a high note as you’re excited to enhance your living space with some stylish and functional pieces that will become part of your home’s environment for years to come.

But then reality sets in and a multitude of factors combine to make your furniture shopping experience stressful, expensive and unfulfilling. Fortunately, there’s a method to the madness. Here are a few important steps that can make shopping for furniture a positive experience all around:

1. Focus on one room at a time. If you have multiple rooms to outfit, complete one room at a time. This will not only help you focus on the design of one space, but it will help streamline your shopping outings.

2. Shop online first. If your shopping trip is taking you to a name-brand retailer, peruse the inventory online first to narrow down your selection. Check out available fabrics and finishes and measurements before you go to check them out at the store. And before making that visit, make sure your selections are in stock.

3. Measure access points. Before you get your heart set on that super-sized sectional California king bed, make sure there’s a way to get it into your house. Don’t just measure the spot where the piece will reside. Instead, take the time to measure your doorways and stairwells, as well, and make sure it will fit around corners. If not, talk to the folks at the store to find out if the piece can be broken down into separate pieces for delivery.

4. Find out about assembly. Be sure you’re clear on whether or not the furniture item you’re buying will require assembly, and make sure you’re ready, willing and able to take on the task if it does. Don’t leave the store without making sure you have all the necessary components.

5. Time your buy. According to NerdWallet, for standard pre-made indoor furniture, you’ll find the best deals right before the spring and fall, the seasons when new product lines are introduced. President’s Day and Labor Day are especially good for sales.

Most importantly, slow down. Shopping for furniture is a marathon, not a sprint, as ideally, these should be items that are part of what makes your home a home for years to come. Avoid overpaying and dissatisfaction by taking your time.

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