Gardening Cheat Sheet: Know What Works Where

If you’re getting ready to outfit your yard with some colorful annuals and elegant greens, do a little homework first. While plants may look great at the nursery or thrive in your neighbor’s yard, they may not be the right fit for the spot you have in mind. The following cheat sheet provides some suggestions for the type of flowers and plants that do best in certain conditions. Choose wisely, and you’ll have a healthy, relatively maintenance-free garden for the season and beyond.

The following plants and flowers can’t tolerate too much sun, so a shady garden or border is the way to go:
– Impatiens
– Hostas
– Astilbe
– Bleeding heart
– English ivy
– Hydrangea

Full Sun
For many plants, full sun is too extreme. The following varieties, however, can really handle the heat:
– Lavender
– Butterfly bush
– Coneflower
– Daylily
– Blanket flower
– Shasta daisy

No matter how much you water certain areas, the soil might just not retain moisture well. Or perhaps you’re looking to plant in containers, which always dry out faster. Here are some options that can stand up to dry conditions:
– Portulaca
– Salvia
– Russian Sage
– Yarrow
– Ornamental grass
– Sedum

A little more online research or a conversation with a veteran gardener in your community will help you discover more options that are suitable for your yard’s particular conditions, saving you both time and money.

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