How-To Spring Clean Your Windows Like a Pro

Looking to add a little glimmer to your home this season? Turn to the windows. Read on for a handful of expert window cleaning tips, courtesy of Glass Doctor.

– Despite many thinking that newspaper is best for cleaning windows and mirrors, a clean, dry microfiber cloth is much more effective; newspaper quickly deteriorates when wet and can leave newsprint spots on your mirror frames and window sills.

– You can clean windows without leaving streaks behind with the help of a coffee filter. Coffee filters and old cotton t-shirts also work well to remove remaining lint left behind from dry cloths.

– De-gunk sticker remnants with alcohol. A little rubbing alcohol and a bit of elbow grease cuts sticker residue on home windows.

– Use a fine nylon scrub pad to remove tree pitch or bug droppings. First, wet the glass and test the pad to make sure you don’t scratch the surface.

– If you wiped vertically outside, make sure to wipe horizontally inside. Then, you’ll know whether the missed spot is inside or outside.

– If spring-cleaning your windows leads to broken glass, pick up the pieces with a slice of bread by pressing it down over areas where glass shards remain.

– Using a foaming glass cleaner and a lint-free paper towel is another effective way to clean windows without leaving streaks.

Source: Glass Doctor

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