Minimize Springtime Allergies at Home


Pollen counts are on the rise, which means allergy-sufferers need to prepare their homes to minimize the impact. Try these tips from air-quality experts Aire Serve:

– You bedroom is especially prone to allergens, so start by encasing your pillows, box spring and mattress in a sealed tight, dust mite-proof cover. Also be sure to wash your sheets once a week to rid your bedding of any unwanted allergens.

– Give your carpets a deep cleaning and vacuum at least once a week.

– If you’re in the market for furniture, choose items that are accessible and easy to clean, especially for the living room.

– Get rid of unnecessary clutter, such as old knick-knacks and piles of books and papers, that collect dust. Store items that you wish to save in plastic bins, and store them in your attic or a storage unit.

– Open windows to allow for cross ventilation in your home. The air quality inside your home is usually much worse than outside, so allow the fresh air to come in and purify your home.

– Check your indoor plants for mold build-up. Try covering them with aquarium gravel to prevent mold growth.

– Use a vented exhaust fan to remove cooking fumes and avoid moisture build-up when cooking.

– A hot, humid house fosters mold growth and dust mites, so maintain a temperature of 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit. Replacing air filters monthly will also help with this problem.

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