Self Care for Teachers

Teachers have one of the most important jobs, one that can be extremely rewarding. However, teaching can also be extremely stressful, and can leave the caregiver drained as they focus on their job – helping students. With this in mind, Pamela Roggeman, Ed.D., academic dean for the College of Education at University of Phoenix, gives some tips on self-care:

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Whether from the school principal, classroom parents or your colleagues, a support system is important.

Request donations for the classroom to relieve personal financial burden. Teachers are often digging into their own pockets to pay for classroom supplies. Ask parents for assistance in collecting needed items.

Make an effort to do small things every day to take care of you. Have snacks on hand for those days that your lunch break is interrupted. Look into short meditations or breathing exercises for times when stress levels are higher.

Take time to re-charge. Career burnout can happen. Take a day off or a short break when you can and focus on something you enjoy doing.

Make your classroom a place where everyone can re-focus. Remember that your state of mind will guide your students. Try things students can benefit from too, like mindful moments throughout the day, or even aromatherapy.

Source: University of Phoenix®

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