5 Tips for Ditching Coffee

By Zoe Eisenberg

If you’re brave enough to try kicking your coffee habit, good for you! But you don’t have to go totally cold turkey. Below are five tips for going off the coff.

1. Wean. If you have self control, try weaning off coffee. Reduce your consumption by one cup each week. When you get down to one cup a day, switch to half caff, then decaf or tea.

2. Sub. If you want to kick the habit cold, you can substitute green tea or a few handfuls of cacao nibs for your morning coffee, which will give you some of the caffeine kick you’re missing to stave headaches.

3. Hydrate. Regardless if you wean off, kick cold turkey or substitute, make sure to keep extra hydrated to help ease headaches.

4. Time it right. Your first few days off coffee will likely be rough. Make it easier by timing it right. Start on a Friday so you can plan an easy weekend with minimal stress, and certainly don’t quit in the middle of a large project or lifestyle change.

5. Exercise. While it won’t totally kill the desire for your morning java, working out first thing can give you an energy and endorphin boost, tempering headaches and caffeine cravings.

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