5 Colors That Bring Joy

By Zoe Eisenberg

Looking to brighten your days? Look at the walls. Studies have shown that looking at certain colors can impact your mood, so choose a few of the following to incorporate into your surrounding and bring on more smiles.

Orange. This color boosts social connection, so paint a wall in your living room or kitchen a vivid orange and enjoy deeper, longer, joyous conversations.  

Yellow. This sunny color is one of the most obvious mood brighteners, and there are many shades of yellow soft enough for an entire room.

Green. This earthy tone is a stress reliever. Roll it onto the wall across from your bed and smile your way to sleep.

Violet. This royal hue fosters creativity and intuition. Add it to your home office for more satisfaction in your work life.

Fuschia. While this color is a tad bright for most walls, fuschia throw pillows can still splash around enough of the color to make an impact.

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