5 Habits for Better Sleep

By Zoe Eisenberg

Having trouble sleeping? Before you turn to a medication, consider your pre-sleep habits. Pluck out any contenders for disruption (scrolling social media while you lay in bed?) and try a few of the following:

Power down. By now, you’ve heard that using electronics before bed can stress your sleep cycle. Turn off your phone and TV an hour before bed and opt for a book instead.

Stretch before bed. While high impact exercises before bed will raise your heart rate and potentially keep you up, gentle stretching can help you ease into sleep.

Eat a high-protein snack. While eating a large meal late at night isn’t a good idea, a small, high-protein snack like a handful of almonds can help you sleep through the night.

Clean your bedroom. Okay, a power wash won’t be helpful for sleep, but picking up any items on the floor or other surfaces before bed can help create a soothing, calm sleeping space.

Create a ritual. A pre-bed ritual can help you alert your system that rest is on the way. Any of the earlier tips can be threaded together to create a ritual, as can nightly cuddles with your family or pets.

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