Moving? The Advantages of Buying a Home in the Fall


Every season offers advantages to those searching for a new home. So what about folks selling their home well into autumn? At, Debra Immergut blogs that sellers whose homes linger on the market into fall or winter may be much more eager to close. 

Immergut says sellers may be contending with a major life change, or maybe the home simply didn’t find a buyer during peak season. In any case, she believes owners may be very open to making a deal—and that’s a great reason to buy when demand is lower toward the last few months of the year.

Here are a few other things Immergut wants homebuyers to think about as they head into fall:
Less competition. With fewer looking, there’s less competing for properties. Immergut says take advantage of that slower pace to do more comparison shopping and mulling decisions more carefully.

Better financing opportunities. Immergut says mortgage brokers and bankers have business lulls in the fall and winter, and may be able to negotiate with more flexibility to get a deal done. She says don’t be afraid to negotiate on interest, points or down payments. 

Lots of help. According to Immergut, September to February are typically the slowest time for real estate agents, and they’ll be a lot hungrier for business. 

Jerrica Farland at quotes a Northern California real estate manager saying autumn rains in her region means it’s easier for home inspectors to spot problematic leaks.

Speaking of home inspections, says in the fall, inspectors will not only be able to better determine if the roof is in good condition, but also if there are a lot of energy-sapping drafts, if the pipes are all in working order and if the heat works correctly.  

Elizabeth Weintraub at reminds autumn sellers to:
– Clean up the yard
– Create curb appeal with autumn flowers like chrysanthemums or mums
– Utilize autumn accents and colors indoors
– Pull up the blinds, open the shutters and push back the drapes on every window for daytime showings – and turn on every light in the house, including appliance lights and closet lights as twilight descends.

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