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Housebloggers is part of bringing the whole picture of “Real Estate” together! “In The Neighborhood At…Your Service!!!”  What does this mean along with “Houseblogging”? Well, it’s real simple.  When you go to sell your home or buy your home you use a “Realtor”. Stop and think about that for a second.  That Realtor, just like you, started out just like you, YES THAT’S CORRECT, with a “REALTOR”!  But they are more than that! They are a HOME OWNER! It’s not a HOUSE! It’s  A “HOME”.  So with Housebloggers, we are bringing all parties together.  We are going to supply information to Realtors that we think would help them provide their clients and future clients, EXCELLENT SERVICE!  We are going to continue to supply information and education to those HOME OWNERS WEATHER IT BE JUST THINKING ABOUT IT,  NEW, OLD, OR IN NEED OF HELP plus some FUN, EXCITING, INTERESTING, THINGS TO DO INSIDE AND OUTSIDE YOUR HOME WITH YOUR FAMILY.

Our GOAL is to have a ONE STOP BLOG for all aspects for you and your HOME!  We welcome and are HAPPY to have the first community of REAL ESTATE AS ONE! Please visit one of our pages as we cover every aspect of the “Home” weather you are single or have a family of many.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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