Making A List, Checking It Twice….

Some of us struggle everyday on how to be organized in the CHAOS, FAST  WORLD we live in!  Well now the HOLIDAYS are upon us and you probably have written your shopping list of gifts needed on 10 different sheets of paper by now!  Forgotten about those hidden gifts you purchased back in “June”…. BUT we are here to SAVE the DAY!!!!   I’m lucky enough that Yes, I TEST DRIVE the IOS WORLD with an IPHONE and the DROID WORLD with a TABLET….shhhhh….don’t tell them I’m cheating on each other. LOL….

I have found benefits in both! But here’s the low down to….


IPHONE App: Santa’s Bag

  1. Count down days left to shop
  2. Budget Setting
  3. Gifts Purchased number and dollar amount
  4. Gifts to buy number and dollar amount left
  5. Recipients category
  6. Gifts category
  7. Stores

This app is great if you are in the IOS World of iphone and tablets. The only down fall I see is that it’s for the holidays.  Not an app to service you thru out the year.

DROID App: Gift Shopper Pro

  1. People: can import from contacts or enter manually! Personalize each contact information to NEVER FORGET A BIRTHDAY AGAIN!!!!:)
  2. Shopping List
  4. Email List or share List
  5. Scan Gift Item
  6. Budget

I love this app!!! This app services not only the HOLIDAY’S but the WHOLE YEAR THRU! This app has benefited me such as emailing wish list to people for my children for the holiday’s and saved on duplicate gifts being purchased.  It keeps me organized and BEST OF ALL….I actually see that I’m spending the SAME AMOUNT ON ALL MY CHILDREN!!!!:)

We know that there are lover’s of the IOS world and the Droid World.  But, I get to wear MANY HATS!So I test drive both worlds and thought I would share this information.  Happy Shopping….Making A List, Checking It Twice……


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