Oh I know you exist…Holiday Procrastinator’s….

This is a follow up to...."Making A List...Checking It Twice...." I have to tell you, I have been always the more traditional one when it came to the holidays.  Johnny on the spot, list made, cards out, ready set....go!  I "use" to get compliments on "how in the world do you do it".  Well as we know, everyone falls off their "Trains" once in a while...lol...sometimes longer than expected BUT....I'm here to tell you, that with all this TECHNOLOGY today, NO ONE HAS EXCUSES for the simple "WARM SOMEONE'S HEART TODAY"....by sending a HOLIDAY CARD....I won't mention any names..."Mother....Sister"....LOL... Anyways, In looking thru my list, I noticed I had "forgotten" special people on my list of holiday cards and don't have their "mailing addresses"....Is there such a thing anymore?  But I do have other information on them.  So, instead of the "traditional" method and to help  those "PROCRASTINATOR'S"  I know,  I did some research, and low and behold.....HERE IS A LINK TO WARM SOMEONE'S HEART BY SENDING A HOLIDAY CARD.......and you can still do it before the end of the year.....HAPPY SENDING AND WE WISH YOU ONE MORE CHECK ON YOUR LIST.....:) MAKING A LIST....CHECKIG IT TWICE....
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