Let’s face it….kids wanna have fun on New Year’s Eve just like us “Grown Ups”!

It has become a tradition in our family that the “grandkids” go visit their “Grandparents” for New Year’s Eve so us “Grown Ups” can go out and “Party”.  Well little did we know, the “Kids and Grandparents” ending up having a “Better” Party and Time than us “Grown Ups”.  So now without fail, us “Grown Ups” end up staying and visiting with our “Parents/Grandparents” plus the “kids”.  We always have a blast.  We have found ways over the years to incorperate adults and children to ring in the New Year that makes it fun for each age level at the gathering.

Today is “Creative Kid” day so I have shared with you just some quick ideas that will help you be able to make your New Year’s Eve gathering kid friendly….



We wish you a very Happy New Year and may many “New” traditions start!!!

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