“My” I need this stuff “Now” moving box!!!!!

I know at one time or another we have all been down the road of MOVING!!!!  Even though you think you will remember what you “PACKED” away in each box, or that “I gotta have this item at my finger tips” box…..It ALWAYS ends up that something gets missed placed or left behind.  Then of course all the anxiety and emotions set in!   There is a running joke right now that between home and my work that I ‘MOVE” EVERY SIX MONTHS!!!!  Oh put your eye balls back in the sockets….you read that correctly!  So “WHY I’M I NOT A PRO AT THIS BY NOW!”  lol

Well in one of my many travels and moves I at one point needed my installation disk for my computer!  And yes you guessed it correctly “MY” ” I NEED THIS STUFF AT MY FINGER TIPS” box was lost in the mess.  GRRRRR…

So, to no prevail  I found this link to be helpful


OH WHAT A RELIEF THIS IS…..yes I can share with you that in all the moving I have done, I might not be a “PRO” yet BUT I have learned to keep my EMOTIONS in tact and some how some way….IT ALL WORKS OUT!!!!




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