“Change brings opportunity”

Today is a day of Talkie Thursday….

Over the course of the Day I have been from site to site reading and doodling….talking to friends and family plus listening to the News. I was trying to focus on what “one” thing is the “HOT” TOPIC but I couldn’t seem to find one.  So I have decided to Talk about what I found interesting….Hopefully you will too….

I was raised by an Educator.  Yes my MOM was a High School Teacher.  But not any type of Teacher.  She taught Special Education Children in HIGH SCHOOL.  So, education is very important to me and MY CHILDREN can tell you I am one of those….”Involved Parents”!  Even though I’m not that OLD…(hahahahah), I tend to have an “Old Fashion” side of me BUT then I have a “Tech” side of me.  Why you ask? Well even though my Mother is no longer a school teacher, she STILL finds ways to make sure we are still “Educated” and that we are Educating her Grandchildren.   Here’s one for thought and you may even chuckle a little….My Mom is the BEST 60 “SOMETHING” ( oh she is gonna kill me) TECHIE I know.  And NOPE no schooling for it…Self taught!!!!! Shhh….I’m proud of her!!!!

So I shared a story with her last week and then you about how two of my children tried to pass reading a Hard Back Cover Book.  Where I was floored, she was totally on their side.  She is so open minded to “Educate a Child however you can”.  And believe me, she has the stories to tell!!!!  And believe it or not before I woke up today and Read this “Apple E-Textbook news….about 7 articles so far….my children were already trying to use “Technology” to avoid their reading!  So, this article below I find interesting. 

6 things we don’t know about Apple’s e-textbooks strategy

When you click on this link it talks about the issues Apple will face with “E-books”. 

One of the Questions reference is “If kids will have to go digital?”  Ok sorry but I fell out of my chair….yes I did… Ok listen up.  KIDS want to go DIGITAL.  My children just last week were talking about how they would “prefer” to use Internet or E books to read.  My Mom an Educator was totally on their side! So  this news I found to be GREAT!!!! It is one of the most challenging things as a parent to get your children to read.  So I send kudos’ out to APPLE!!!!!

Steve Jobs was one who put EDUCATION as a priority and this is just one Example of it!!!!! 

So I leave you with this….

“Change brings opportunity”

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