Last night I had a chance to watch the movie…”i don’t know How She Does  It”.

I was shocked as I watched for a couple of reasons.  I love this movie.  I’m not by any means a BIG Jessica Parker fan BUT…as I’m watching this movie, I discovered it is sooooo me!  Why you ask? Well it REFERS TO LIST MAKING…..LOL….

Today so far has been one of those “Whimiscal Days”.   What do I mean by that…Well have you EVER started the day off with a “list” and next thing you know, you are doing everythign BUT what’s on that “list”?  I hear it happens to the BEST OF US!!! Hey if it can happen in the movies, it can happen to me…RIGHT? ha, ha, ha

So as I’m trying to recall my “list” and getting oh so ever tired, lol…and starting to panic that I am running out of time for the day to shift from my work life to my personal life with children… “Teacher/Parent conference, ELP, Gymnastics, Karate, Dinner…blah, blah, blah…I have decided to TRULY DEDICATE THIS TO AN “WHAT EVER I POST LINKS DAY”….LOL…

shh…I still took time to post what I thought was IMPORTANT;)

The links below are some very interesting articles that cover different areas of the Real Estate Industry. 

FHA to limit seller help at closing (REALLY? ARE THEY SERIOUS?)

Citizens backs off pricey replacement costs ( THANK YOU Citizens)

Reach out to clients – share scholarship info (This one’s for the kids!)

Let’s just hope TOMORROW…is a more organized day!!! With a

LIST ofcourse:)

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