Really Yahoo??? You are Sueing Your Alai?

Ok, so I wake up this morning, walk the dogs, get my coffee and decide at 5:30 a.m. it’s time to get working!  YIKES…5:30 a.m.  Yep!!! So, since it is TECH TUESDAY I start reading all the information I can on what’s HOT in the Technical world today? Well as there are many things such as I-Pad 3 being launched any day now, Apple telling Evi they are being removed from the App Store, Dyson has its first Canister Ball vacuum (499.99…OUCH), plus so much more…I come across this article at TECHCRUNCH…

 Yahoo Stabs Facebook In The Back, Says Pay For Its Patents Or Get Sued

OK…as where many times I hold my “tongue” this one I can’t help but have to express my thoughts or words of wisdom!  Lol…

So, Yahoo lays off 700 employees and then FIRES by PHONE it’s CEO!  Now is attacking the company who feeds it!  So the way I take this is that because Yahoo can’t manage to stay a float or be successful, they are going to go after a company who is successful?  I see the ‘GREEN EYED MONSTER” here!!!  I can be honest and say if it werent that I had to have a “yahoo” account to join Facebook years ago, I wouldn’t have one.  So why is it that when we see one company being successful, we don’t learn from them or inquire from them how to better our company, we attack them?  I mean let’s get real!  Why wouldn’t AOL,  HOT MAIL, GMAIL, AND SO ON…follow suet and sue Yahoo and Facebook for the email usage rights?  Is it so hard to just be involved in the piece of the pie? 

Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest “self-made” BILLIONAIRE!  Worth over $33 billion and approaching his company going “public”  NOW Yahoo decides to sue him!  If Yahoo’s patens where SO IMPORTANT to them, why wait to sue after  all these years ?  I truly believe this is just a way for YAHOO, to try to stay alive!  Do they think the “public” is going to jump on board with them or lose ALL RESPECT? 

Yahoo’s competitor is  NOT FACEBOOK!!! It is an alai for them!  DUH…It’s doesn’t take some rich CEO to know that.  Yahoo needs to understand it’s competitor’s are “email based companies”…Aol, Hotmail, Gmail and so on!  So, Yahoo you have the LEADING EDGE on all these EMAIL competitor’s because FACEBOOK decided to TEAM up with you and NOW you are SUING your ALAI!

Well Yahoo here is a piece of “public” advise…KARMA….don’t think that this will not open the door for “your” competitor’s to decide to come after you for some form of  law breaking “patent” issue!

Yahoo, be successful on your own.  Instead of investing into a “Law Suit”…like our courts need another Law Suit”…invest in becoming BIGGER and BETTER by your OWN ideas!  The money your company will waste on paying “lawyers” and such is just a waste.  Spend that money re-hiring employee’s who have fresh ideas to bring to the table.  Employee’s who can help market your companies benefits and why the “public” should use “Yahoo” instead of your competitor’s.  BE A COMPETITOR NOT A COMPLAINER!!!!

Be HAPPY AND SUCCESSFUL and GROW your company verses tieing it up in FRUITLESS LAW SUITS! Then just maybe you can re-hire those 700 employee’s you laid off!

Just Sayin!

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