Two days into ONE…Did you Miss Me?

Sorry to have missed everyone yesterday! As all of my followers know by now or at least I I like to think they know, yesterday was Tech Tuesday! Well, my day had a mishap! As I was diving into my work and reading things like

New IPad not 3 BUT HD

Duh…why NOT! We are in an HD world right?

My text messaging is going off. Call your sons school he is in clinic! Ok technology to my advantage I call the school! Thinking oh, he has come down with a test! Lol! As i listen to the nurse tell Me my mishap, “your son broke his wrist!”.

So as I hurry across town, I was thinking, technology can help me, I can still manage my job and manage a broken wrist! phsss. Watch this! But then it dawned on me along with my sons voice ringing in my head! DO NOT text and drive Mom!!!! So I made a note to myself to share with my readers a wonderful safety app for your phones as a safety tech Tuesday…..


So that covers Tech Tuesday!

Now onto Whimsical Wednesday!!!

I would like to remind everyone that Tax Return Day is approaching fast. So mark your calendar’s for April 15th. And if you are in the need of an accountant. Contact

Blattler & Co. @ 813-970-1170

If you are choosing to attempt them yourself, here is a helpful link in items you may not consider we doing your taxes….

Tax Credits

Finally, I leave you with one final word….


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