How do Mothers know…Even about Technology?

Finally!!!!  Now of course I heard yesterday about Instagram being purchased by Facebook for $1 Billion…BUT…in my many readings today, I read a very interesting article about the Iphone5!!!!

So, my readers know I have given my mom flack for holding onto her ORGINIAL Iphone!  Yes one of the first one’s they put out!!! I was even to the point of almost going out and getting her a Iphone4S until we had a discussion that she is “holding out” for the Iphone 5!  I thought to myself, “What in the world does she think is gonna be such a “bigger” difference between the 4s and the 5 that she has to wait”!!!!  REALLY!!!  I was thinking to myself, it is gonna be such a “stupid” small impact that she doesn’t need to wait!!!!  Well, she up oned me!!!! Mothers!!!!  Phsss…..

As I was reading across “”today, this article below came out about the Iphone5 and all’s I can say is…”GREAT CHOICE in waiting MOM!!!!!”

Iphone5 ….

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