Solve Your Monday Problems with this Equation

“Monday is like a math problem.  Add the irritation, subtract the sleep, multiply the problems, divide the happiness.”

So as all math problems go, there is always an answer, a solution, a final step.  Why not break your Monday down according to this very funny quote by solving the “math problem” with an answer or solution.  Here we go…

(I + -S x P/H)

1.  Irritation is generally from a “lack” of sleep.  So, on Sunday night go to bed one hour earlier!  It’s not a news flash that you have to get up and tackle Monday.  The extra hour of sleep will help.  Believe me.  Tested and Passed.  Many people’s Irritation is from a lack of sleep.  If you set your schedule to be in bed by a certain time and make it a routine for 4 weeks, it will become a habit.

2.  A lack of sleep multiplies your problems.  How many times have you gotten up late because of a lack of sleep and the day just seems to roll down hill from there and what may not normally be a “problem”, all the sudden is a “problem” because you are lacking sleep.  A lack of sleep tends to make us cause ourselves problems.  So I will kindly refer back to #1, go t bed one hour earlier! You won’t wake up late and thus problems that have never been problems, wont be on Monday either.  You can actually smile and laugh Monday in the face….LOL

3. You can only divide “happiness” if you are “happy” yourself.  So, if you add one hour of “Sleep” that will subtract “Irritation” subtract “Problems” which will equal a “Happier” you!!!  When you are happy, in general people around you will be “happy”.  So you can Equally, pay “happiness” forward on a Monday.

Final equation…..

1S -I-P =H

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