Who said Technology was suppose to “Simplify Your Life”?

That’s right! I am asking who said it!  Why you ask?  Because every Tuesday in our company it is Tech Tuesday,meaning I do research to write about the “new and coming up” or what is “changing” in our Technology world.  You would think this would be a “good” thing for me or give me the “upper edge” in the company I work for or for me personally, Right?  Well there are their pro’s and con’s to having this job.

Pro’s: knowledge, able to be on the cutting edge, organization, at finger tips, portable, easy (as long as you keep it simple and READ!!!)

Con’s: over whelming (lol on certain days), could cause un organization, difficult at times, confusing, frustrating

Those are just a couple of the Pro’s and Con’s to technology “Simplifying your Life”. So is there a solution?  Of course there is.  So here is a list to Keep It Simple…

1.  When hearing or reading about new Technology, my advise is to “pause”.  Don’t read “headlines” or an “intro” and just jump in to only find out it’s not what you wanted or it’s to frustrating.

2.  Draw an Organizational Chart of what you need “apps” for to make your life mobile and complete.  Then go seeking.  Keep it consolidated.  Keep it “SIMPLE”.

3.  If along the way, you have downloaded an app, then later a “new improved” app comes out that will be better off for you then get rid of the other app. This is such a common mistake of many people.  Many of us get into the habit of download, download, download and never purge, purge, purge.

Technology can truly “Simplify” your life if you simply allow time before “downloading”.  Just as you would do the leg work and investigate prior to buying a big item such as a car, house, tv and such….Take Your Time with Technology. It’s here to Stay!!!!

This week I discovered a “cloud” app that I’m sure everyone else knows about but it will help me big time. 


This allows you to combine box.com, dropbox.com, and your Google drive.  Along with being able to use Microsoft Office products to work on my files.  And of course, I will remember to purge! LOL


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