Organize The End of The School Year

Awe, the end of the year is upon us!!! As parents scream with glee and joyfulness because they won’t have to be overwhelmed with all the duties of being a “school parent”.  Because let’s face it, at times we all feel like we are the one’s in school and not our children. LOL.  But I have to say, as excited as I am about the Summer months being upon us and getting that much needed “break” from  “school parenting”, these last few weeks of school getting done is MORE WORK than the whole entire school year.  Yes, that’s correct I said it!!!  MORE WORK!!!!   I find my family having very late nights with all the school activities and sport activities that we normally wouldn’t have. I find that my children become cranker and cranker by the dwindling days.  It’s enough to make any parent go completely out of their minds.  So with that being said, I have a couple of things that will make your “END OF THE YEAR” go smoother and more relaxing ….


1.  Four weeks before school ends, sit down with the family and make a “end of the year” calendar. This calendar should outline what activities everyone has and who will be attending what.  procrastinating always makes higher levels of stress.

2.  Also four weeks before school is out, invite anyone who you want to attend your special end of the year activities.

3.  Three weeks before school is out, go shopping for all activity attire, party supplies you need to donate to school and any gifts you plan on giving your teachers.

4.  Two weeks before school is out, clean out your desk at school and empty out your back packs at home.  Throw out any unwanted papers and such.

5.  Also two weeks before school is out, wrap any gifts you plan on giving to teachers.  This will allow for you to take your gifts anytime prior to the last day.  Teachers will be extremely surprised if you don’t wait until the last day.

6.  Additionally, communicate with your Teachers and Schools two weeks before school is out to confirm all activity times and such so you don’t miss out on anything.

7.  Finally, the LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL….breath. Attend all your activities, take photo’s  and pack your child’s backpacks with all the goodies to send them off to enjoy their friends before the first day of summer!!!!

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