A “Dad” who is “Extraordinary”

ex.traor.di.nar.y: “Unusually great”

Yes, everyone thinks there “Dad” is the “World’s Greatest Dad” because they are “yours”. But here is a “True” story of “NOT” your typical “Dad”.

The man I call “Dad” is a man who I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for. He is the man who has taught me life’s lessons. The man who has influenced my life. The man who has loved me and my sister unconditionally. The man who has been there “no matter” what we have asked of him and who will always be there “no matter” what. A man who ask very little, if anything, of anyone. A man with a huge heart, patiences of a saint, inspiration, and full of life. A HERO, teacher, friend, leader…MY DAD!!!! Ok, so what is so “unique” about this man I call Dad? Cause after all, you feel the same way about your “Dad” right?

Well, this man I call “Dad” enter into our lives when we were 14/13 years old. A man who didn’t have any of his “own” children and had never experienced “parenthood”. Never experienced the bond of a parent and a child at birth. A man who didn’t inherit children at a young age BUT an age when children are at their “awkward stage” in life. The stage where children are finding out who they are, what they are, their dislikes and likes. A man who took on a women who he loves beyond anything in this life ( your true story of Cinderella met her Prince) and her two “teenage” daughters who knew nothing more than “Mom”. This isn’t because their biological father wasn’t still alive.

This man I call “Dad” entered my life and not once turned his back on me. No matter what we did or said to him as “teenagers”, cause we all know how mean “teenagers” can be, he stuck it out. He just kept sharing his wisdom, love, and friendship. A man who stood in the garage, as I backed up my car at 16 years old into his new “Ford 150” and just watched it happen. Then listened to me scream at him and say “my insurance will cover it” and I jump back in my car and drive away. No reaction, no screaming, no condemning me, not even when I got home. This is one of the best jokes and laughters that still to this day get shared. A man who never once said, “your kids” to my Mom. A man who opened his “wings” and never shut them on us!

Today, I can’t not express to my “Dad” how blessed I am for him to be such an instrument in my life. He is a gift that “words can’t express”. I just know that on this day “Fathers Day” I am a very lucky lady who has a “wonderful” father!!! A Father who deserves the best in life. A man who took a “broken” family and made it a “FAMILY” again.

Words can’t express my appreciation and how Thankful I am for you “DAD”!!!!


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