Here’s a Technology Education for YOU!!!

Is “more” or “less” better?  Isn’t that question of not only today, but everyday?  This question applies to so many different things in our lives and on so many different levels.  So you ask why I am so tied up in the “more” or “less” that I felt complied to write my blog about it today?

Well, I’m currently working on a project for the company.  And it is fitting that today of all days out of this lovely  crazy week, someone found it necessary to tell me that I needed to “create” qr codes for our marketing material.  Why is it fitting, well cause today is “Tech Tuesday”.  Now I understand that the “qr code” technology has been there for some time now.  BUT, it is nothing we have ever concerned ourselves with to any extent.  Yeah, Yeah, Yeah we were on the “boat” of the initial excitement when we first saw them and discovered our “dumb” , oh whoops, “smart” phones could “read” them.  But then we never “needed” them so, we thought.  But just like any technology you think you will “never” need, you later discover, you do…LOL!

Anyways, today I was asked to place “qr codes” on our marketing material.  So, as a “self technology” educator, I started investigating into “QR CODES”.  Yes, there are your “simple” qr code makers/generators, but it “never fails”, there is ‘ALWAYS’ something more “fancy”, bigger, or better when they entice you on the “free technology”.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love learning “new” or “better” technology especially when it comes to “designing”.   A little side note, I love buying an old home and redoing it.  I can walk into the ugliest home and “invasion” it’s beauty.  Well since I can’t do that anymore, I have to use my “invasion” thru “ugly technology” and you have to admit, the basic QR CODE is “ULGY”….LOL!  So, I initially got all excited that I could make a “custom qr code”.  YIPPY!!! I can take “ugly” and make it “cool” or ” inviting”.  But oh I do have to tell you, my pretences has been tried.  GRRRR…I guess I am wanting the turning “ugly tech”  ability to be as strong or even stronger than my “ugly home into beauty home” at the same level.  But they are NOT! 

So, in my “self education” technology today, there was frustration and aggravation.  I have learned that technology possibilities don’t come to as quick as some other things in life but if you just keep pushing, reading, you tubing, and such you will gain a wealth of knowledge that in the end will give you an obunced feeling of accomplishment.  So, let me relieve you of a little “web surfing” and “aggravation”.  Here are some cool steps in creating your own custom “QR CODE”….

Quick and Easy :

This way is a little bit challenging but you can track your information 


 Happy Creating!!!!



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