Starting Out Strong and Staying Strong

Monday, Monday, Monday….HELLO!!!!

As I woke up this morning, it dawned on me that there is only ONE month prior to school starting here in Florida.  Just maybe I woke up with the panic and overwhelming feeling cause over the weekend my oldest hit me up yesterday for “School” clothes.  Lol… I couldn’t help but think, “Don’t I still  have like two months before I have to worry about this non sense?” And then it hit me this morning!!!!  So, now it is trying to send me into panic mode, but I have decided to take a deep breath and conquer this feeling.  

Here are some helpful hints on “Starting Out Strong and Staying Strong” to get the kiddo’s back to school.

1.  Take a calendar and mark it with all the events that will happen prior to school starting.  Example is: Open Houses, Orientation, Meet and Greets, etc.

2.  List the things you will need to get from offices that are only open Monday through Friday with “office hours”. Example: Shoot Records.

3.  Check with the schools to make sure they have all the paperwork required on your child.  This is especially important when your child is going from Elementary to Middle and Middle to High School.

4.  Print out all Supply List from your local school websites.  This will allow you ample time to organize a list of what is needed so when the big sales come out, you are prepared.

5.  Register for your favorite stores to shop at online.  You will see the emails with discounts rolling in.  Here in Florida we have “tax free” days but I have learned, my better deals are actually prior to that event.

6.  Before school starts, pack the back packs with school supplies.

7.  Run your routine a couple days prior to school starting so No one is Late!!!

8.  Make dental appointments and physical appointments so there are no surprises.

9.  Purchase any school “t-shirts” prior to the school starting.  This will allow your child to participate on the first “school spirit day”.

10.  Relax, Relax, Relax the weekend before school starts.  You are ahead of the game and it will be a great year!!!!

As sad as it is to see the summer end, there is always fun in “learning”.

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