Why Search for a Realtor, Anyway?


Finding Your Realtor by “Accident”

When someone decides it is time to sell their home, they interview several Realtors from different companies to determine which one is best for them. They want someone who will represent them and someone they feel will do an effective job at marketing their home. However, when someone decides to buy a home, they usually end up with their Realtor through sheer accident.

Why don’t homebuyers search for a Realtor the same way that homesellers do?

Instead, homebuyers usually end up with a Realtor as a result of answering an advertisement. The advertisement will give a brief summary of a home available for sale along with the price, but it says nothing at all about the Realtor.

Listing Agents and Selling Agents

You see, there are two “sides” to every sale.  The seller’s side is represented by the listing agent.  The buyer’s side is represented by the selling agent.  The selling agent can also be referred to as the buyer’s agent.  Selling agents (buyer’s agents) do not usually list very many homes for sale. They deal mostly with homebuyers. Selling agents “sell” the homes that are placed in the Multiple Listing Service by the listing agents.

Most agents concentrate primarily on one side or the other.  This is not a “hard and fast” rule.  There are also agents who split their time equally between buyers and sellers.  Often, these are the very best Realtors.  The fact of the matter is, if you are buying a home who do you want on your side?  A Realtor who deals primarily with sellers?  Or one who deals mostly with buyers? 

If you call on a single classified advertisement in a newspaper, an ad in one of those home selling magazines, or a listing on the internet, you are most likely calling the listing agent.  

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