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I know the silence has been killing everyone.  It’s been over a week since my last blog post! LOL… In the process of embracing the daily technology enhancements, other things had to take a pause.  So, I’m glad to be back!  On the flip side, I can share some first hand experience with launching on the Enterprise side.

For years, our Real Estate Firm has been “paperless”.  Before there was the “cloud” and “cloud storage”, we operated through a Desktop Remote Server with a system called “Fax  Que”.  Basically our Agents use a fax and our documents appeared on our Server.  No paper needed.  But as we all know, “newer”, “better”, and “bigger” things eventually develop.  With the tablet and iPad’s developement and all the “apps” that allow you to simply “push” a button to send documents all over, we had to change our “paperless” process.  So, embracing all the “new technology” we made a decision to go with Enterprise.

Now a process that I believed to be “simple”, became a process of challenges and hurdles but through hard work and dedication, I believe with will benefit our company tremendously.

So, here are some tips on Enterprise:

1. If you are housing your documents on a computer or server the best practice to upload if your files are “larger” is to get an external drive to place your “large” files and do all your “up” loading from the “external” drive.

2. has the ability to have “sync”.  This process allows you to have a copy of your documents on your computer/lap top in the event you need to travel and work “off line”. Once you are back on line, it sync’s with

3. Unlimited Storage

4. You have the ability to have documents sent directly to a folder from any “type” of party to your folders.

5.  With Enterprise, you can have internal and external collaborators.

6.  As collaborators work on files, there is the ability to “message” with inside box with each person working on the file.

7.  Having the ability to invite external clients to collaborate on files or folders.

8.  Ability to email directly from

9.  Someone can be working on a “contract” on their I pad/ Tablet and send the “contract” to you directly without having to “fax” or “print” the “contract”.

10. Having the ability to put the widget on your website so clients can even send in documents without any compromise to your files.

These are just 10 quick tips and abilities of Enterprise that we have found to be a benefit to making your company a true “paperless” system.

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