If Your Not on The Mobile Train as a Real Estate Agent…

It’s time to  JUMP on if you want to survive.  

1.  There is no longer the choice of weather or not you want to be mobile with your business.  It is a MUST!

2.  Your website and blog must be mobile accessible and friendly.  With the massive production of “mobile phones” and all the data circling the Internet, people have a desire to be in the know NOW.  Not when they return home or to work to get the information.  A very suitable idea for making your website and blog mobile is placing QR Codes on them.  Yes, put QR codes all over your technology feeds.  Including emails.  

            * Now a funny story behind QR Codes, is that there is no doubt in my mind you will get an email, phone call, or text asking “What is this thing?”  But once the person is educated, they never look back.  Hahaha

3.  Response time to on line leads and contacts!  This is a “no brainer” !  Think of yourself and how when you are looking something up via mobile technology and how you “desire” to have a response…ASAP.  You can get leads in seconds, but loss them forever without a quick response.  Always answer your phone if possible, text messages, and email.  The general rule of thumb is to reply to emails and text messages with in 2 to 3 minutes.  Even if it is to say, you will be back to them shortly.

4.  If you were to ask your closest 25 people how they do their research for information on-line, I can bet it would be “Google”.  Google =’s SEO.  If you want to be found and thrive your business, SEO is the only answer.  Without it, you are a needle in a haystack.  And we all know how hard those are find!  LOL

5.  Finally, Contact Realty Management software!  The days are over of saying, “Oh, I left that contact information on a piece of paper on my desk!”.  YIKES.  There are a ton of great mobile contact systems out there that you should always have Contacts at your finger tips.

These are just 5 key things that will start you off in the right direction with your “train”.  

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