The Management of Time will determine your success….

10 Top Pointers for Quality Time Management….

  1. Implement a system of time allocation and spend 1/3 of your day on servicing activities, 1/3 of your day on selling activities and 1/3 of your day on business building activities.
  2. Prioritize your day using a simple ABC system: A are “action now” items. B are “before the day is over” action items. C are “can wait” action items and D is “delegate” action items to others.
  3. Get your office, home and car organized like a professional real estate sales person. It’s impossible to perform at an optimal level without the proper systems.
  4. Get a BIG jump on your competition by starting your day one hour earlier each day. Most real estate agents waste the most productive part of their day.
  5. Eliminate wasted and unproductive time. The average real estate agent puts in 6 hours per day but actually only works 3 because of wasted and unproductive time.
  6. Don’t spend major time on minor things. Time is your most valuable resource you must spend it wisely. Ask yourself, “Am I doing the most productive thing I could be doing at this moment?”
  7. Use a database management system to automate your entire business. Lead generation and client follow up are time intensive activities made easier by automation the process.
  8. Stop procrastinating and suffering from perfection paralysis. Most real estate agents are too busy getting ready to get ready to actually get anything done. Just get busy on one task now.
  9. Have great vendor support. You can’t run a high performance real estate business if you are doing all of the work. You must have excellent support vendors who pick up the slack.
  10. Don’t be too busy with the urgent to take care of what’s important. You don’t need to choose between urgent and important, instead you need to focus.
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