Scream for Halloween Ideas…


This is my favorite time of the year!  All the decorating for the different Holidays that happen to fall in this part of the year.  I love decorating.  As though, I’m not sure where I got that trait from.  Definitely not from my parents!!!!  LOL.

Recently I have been faced with having to “start over” for decorating for the holidays.  Seventeen years of decorations vanished.  Gone.  It’s so heart breaking and sad but as I have summed it up to my kids, it might just have been time and NOW they get to pick out decorations that they wanna see .  So, I have set out to start the decorating collection one step at a time. And of course this time around there is a BUDGET!!!!


Below I have supplied some links of things that can make your decorating not break the bank!!!

Halloween Decorating for Dummies 

Advanced Halloween Pumpkin-Carving Templates

Halloween Party Favor: Make a Treat Cone

Halloween Party Favor: Paper Princess Crowns

How to Create a Spooky Halloween Bar

Kids big and small will love creating this (cute!) owl pumpkin

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