Let’s Talk on “Talkie Thursday”

Well good morning fellow readers.  I hope everyone’s day is far better than mine started out.  Yesterday I blogged about Water Bills and Landscaping with a lesson being learned.  So today, another subject hit me that I thought I would share with you.  I know my typical blog follows a pattern with “Titled Days”.  I also know that Tuesday is Tech Tuesday BUT…today I have to share some information with you about a “new” product on “Cloud Services” that I felt couldn’t wait.

There is on a daily basis new “Cloud” products coming out.  The next one has to be “bigger” and “better” than it’s competitor’s.  So, yesterday as I’m reading the “news”, it’s funny that our children will never know the concept of a “newspaper” cause everything is on-line now”, I discover a “new” Cloud Service.




4Sync  offers for FREE 15G’s of storage space!  I know you are saying, ‘WHAT?” “NO WAY”.  “FOR FREE”?  Yes, it’s true.  I got so excited I decided to jump on it and ignore all the knowledge and information I have given my readers about “don’t be to quick with technology to be the first one in”.  After all, I am a women who walks with a camera on her hip and needs that type of storage and “if it’s free, it’s for me”.    So, I downloaded the product to only run out of time to even use it  yesterday.  Then, today it’s time to get moving and write my blog and do my daily “work” .  As I go to launch my “WordPress” account today, I noticed that “4Sync” had taken over the layout of “WordPress”.  Thinking I was seeing things, I reload, shut off computer, and blah, blah, blah.  To only still become overwhelmed with frustration that “4Sync” had installed an “add on” which I said NO to over all my “Google Chrome” and Internet Explore” pinned pages.

Now I understand businesses needing to “market” themselves and be your “number one” app.  But if I tell a company “NO” on a “check box” then it should be respected.  After going through each step I could remotely think of to get this “app tool bar” off my computer, even right down to uninstalling 4Sync, the critter was still there.  I just couldn’t believe it.  The boiling point and frustration was elevating because all’s I wanted to do was “write my blog” which was going to be about “Halloween”.  Instead, I figured, I would make sure people are aware what 4Sync gives you for the 15G’s of free storage. FRUSTRATION!!!

Finally, I can tell you that I have a “Dropbox” and “Box” account and each one of them has their own issues just like all “programs” do.  But I can honestly say, I have never had a “program” I have downloaded do what I told it “not to do” and then have to spend an hour on fixing it.  So the tip is this:


1.  If you are using “Google Chrome”




These steps will take care of the problem.  Once this is complete, you will not see an “overlay” on your “pinned” pages.  And you can start operating back to “normal”.




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