Telecommuter Tips: Furnishing a Home Office

By John Voket

In a previous segment we focused on some home office IT basics. Now, we’ll tap Rhonda Campbell at, for her advice about furnishing your home office the right way – the first time.

Getting the Right Desk – Campbell recommends trying out several desks at an office or department store to know for sure which feels most comfortable. Choose a design with inviting style, like a cherry wood desktop versus a clear plexi. And get the height right – or you could suffer pain or discomfort, especially after sitting for several hours. Be sure the desk has sufficient storage, and with enough surface space to keep at least a staking ‘In’ and ‘Out’ tray.

Working Chairs – Similar to your desk, chairs that are too high or too low can force you to strain your spine, shoulders and neck. That’s why so many companies provide an ‘ergonomics analysis’ for employees. Consider an adjustable chair that molds closely to your spine, and test for enough cushioning to keep you comfortable for long stretches.

Lighting It Up – In addition to sunlight, a good desk lamp that’s gentle on the eyes and on the environment is a plus. Look for lighting designed with an adjustable neck for maximum lighting flexibility. She mentioned that metallic desk lamps and accessories also tend to show less dust than wood desk lamps.

Stow It – One or two tall file cabinets should be sufficient to keep documents organized. Should you need to secure your stuff, Campbell says look for file cabinets with sturdy key or combination locks.

Or you can shop the many secure, cloud-based storage systems that are available. Then you can put that new scanner to work and really go paperless!

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