10 Ways to Save Big on Wedding Costs

By Barbara Pronin

If there’s a wedding in your future, you already know that costs can be excessive—and that they sometimes seem to grow out of proportion to every idea you envision. But, say experienced wedding planners, there are plenty of ways to save on the big day without appearing to wed on the cheap.

Planners suggest 10 simple ways to cut various aspects of the wedding cost without sacrificing any of the elegance:

  • Think off-peak or off-season – You can often save thousands on the venue by planning your wedding in the fall or winter, or on a Sunday instead of Saturday.
  • Request larger tables – You’ll need fewer linens and fewer centerpieces by choosing tables that seat a larger number of guests.
  • Choose seasonal flowers – Stick to one or two varieties. Include lots of greenery and fewer blooms – and fill out centerpieces with non-florals, such as lanterns.
  • Skip a sit-down main course – think about appetizers or ‘small plates’ instead of a sit-down entrée, or an open seating buffet.
  • Skip the full bar – Offer wine, beer, and perhaps a signature or champagne cocktail instead of an open bar.
  • Order a smaller tiered cake – Supplement it when serving with a sheet cake waiting in the kitchen.
  • Email ‘save the date’ notes – It will save on postage and get your guests just as prepared and excited.
  • Choose simple invitations – the heavier the invite, the larger the postage cost. Stick to lighter weight versions.
  • Save on table favors – See if you can find something special your bridal party can create – and/or provide one favor per couple instead of one for each guest.
  • Limit the photo opps – Specify the ‘must have’ shots you want to limit the number of photos taken – and be prepared to limit your final photo selections.

Reprinted with permission from RISMedia. ©2013. All rights reserved.

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