It’s Cool to Have a Safe Pool – Tips on Barriers, Alarms & Covers

By John Voket

It’s June and that means tops are coming off – residential pools. But it’s serious business when outdoor pools pose a hazard to your loved ones or others who live close by.

I want to bring pool owners up to speed on the latest advice from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, which has devoted an entire website to the subject –

CPSC’s Pool Safely campaign recommend pool owners employ not one, but multiple safety systems to safeguard children in and around the water.

Since no safety system is foolproof, the Pool Safely campaign suggests that each protective measure be used in conjunction with adult supervision and other types of safety systems, according to the CPSC.

No matter how safe a pool owner may feel, adding additional protective measures contribute to the overall safety of a pool or spa. Added safety systems to consider include:

  • An outdoor swimming pool barrier – a physical obstacle that surrounds a pool or spa so that access to the water is limited to adults. Barriers give parents additional time to locate a child before the unexpected becomes a reality.
  • Alarms for doors, gates, windows and pools or spas – these safety features designed to alert adults when unsupervised children enter the area of the pool or spa. There are a number of different types of alarms that can be used, which emit an audible sound when triggered by opening, moving, or by motion in the water.
  • A pool or spa safety cover – is a manual or motorized barrier that can be placed over the water’s surface, and is easily opened or closed. When a safety cover is properly in place over the pool or spa, it provides a high level of safety for children less than 5 years of age by inhibiting their access to the water.
  • The CPSC also advises to maintain a higher level of security, remove ladders and slides when using covers on pools.

For specifics about these pool safety measures, click here.


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